Tortilla Multi Maker is a product which is specially designed and manufactured for the purpose of making roti & related recipes, whereas some of the product which are available in market are designed to make khakhras, so that customers who purchase these product cant make soft roti’s on that.

Since we are basically direct marketing people we make our customers to become familiar about our product before buying our product so we give free demo before buying our product.

So please do not buy roti maker’s in a confusion, Please have a demo before buying any roti makers, you may call us for a demo before buying our product, our representative are available in most of the places.

Tortilla roti maker is provided with proper components such as SS Tubular coils, Quality Non-stick and proper Thermostat which are particular for the purpose of making the product as a complete one, since we are approaching our customers at their home we are liable to maintain quality.

The only way of buying a quality roti maker is to have a complete demonstration before buying it, please do not hesitate to this, ask more questions and make sure of the recipes which are given in the manual instruction.

Tortilla Multi Maker is costlier then other product is because:-

1. Real jumbo size ( 10 inches of dia).

2. Non-stick surface with high quality coating for usage of 21 oil & oil free recipes.

3. All components which are used in the product are maximum quality. ( we never compromise on quality).

4. Real warranty, which covers for the complete product, at any time you can approach us and we will attend home service where our service centers are available.