Tortilla Multi Maker

We provide demo at home at almost all locations in India and offer after sale service at your home



Tortilla Jumbo Multi Maker has unique features and designed with quality accessories and products. It is not only made for making chapathis, but also you can taste by making 21 recipes.

Make Hot Roties with Tortilla Multi Maker. The Smartest & fasters way to make roties.

Voltage 230 / 240V AC, 50 Hz (Also available in 110V)
Watts 1100 Watts
Enclosing Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 1 Year replacement warranty
Service We do servicing for all types of Roti makers

The Best Multi Maker

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Steel cases are made up of a steel quality typically in the range of 304 to 916. The number does not necessarily reflect the product’s quality or price, but identifies the mixture of minerals.

Jumbo Size

Real jumbo size ( 10 inches of dia) and is provided with proper components such as SS Tubular coils, Quality Non-stick and proper Thermostat which are particular for the purpose of making the product as a complete one.

Quality of Service

Real warranty, which covers for the complete product, at any time you can approach us and we will attend home service where our service centers are available. We think globally and act locally.

Tortilla Multi Maker
  • 21 recipes with and without oil including Roti Making
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Real jumbo size product
  • Both side Greblon Gamma Ceramic base
  • Free home demo (available in selected cities)
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